Tips for Using a Rental Dumpster in the Winter

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Tips for Using a Rental Dumpster in the Winter Though winter isn’t typically the time of year for a renovation project, it’s still a great opportunity to purge your home of any unneeded items. It’s for these cleaning projects that many homeowners decide to purchase a rental dumpster. However, it’s important that you utilize these […]

How to Dispose of Food Waste?

Food Waste - Titan National

How to Dispose of Food Waste? Whether they are dining outside or eating at home, people tend to waste a lot of food. According to the US Department of Agriculture, over one-third of all food goes to waste in the US. Unfortunately, few of us feel responsible for properly disposing of food waste, which is why improper […]

Importance of Solid Waste Management at Community Level

Solid Waste Management - Titan National

Importance of Solid Waste Management at Community Level Solid waste is harmful for our environment. The improper disposal of solid waste results in environmental pollution and adversely affects our health. The chemicals and toxins released from solid waste gradually seep into the soil or enter freshwater bodies like lakes and rivers. Our food is grown […]

Can ‘Smart’ Garbage Cans Help Us Manage Solid Waste?

Smart Garbage Cans

Can ‘Smart’ Garbage Cans Help Us Manage Solid Waste? Overflowing trash cans are an unpleasant sight, that disrupt the beautiful views and harmony of our cityscapes. Overflowing and open trash cans pollute the environment and can be the cause of diseases and infections for the nearby residents, workers, and passersby. To battle the problem of […]

Battling Against Recycling Contamination

Recycling Contamination - Titan National

Battling Against Recycling Contamination While the increasing dedication and a growing rate of participation of the general public in recycling is good news, residents put everything they believe could or should be recycled in the designated containers. It’s important to understand that the slightest bits of non-recyclables in a load of recycling could prevent the […]

US Fueling the Waste Crisis

America's Waste Crisis - Titan National

Ameria’s Waste Crisis If you think that America ranks in the top ten list of the most wasteful countries, then you are partly correct. However, you may be underestimating the magnitude of the problem. America is none other than the most wasteful country in the world. Yes, America is rank one when it comes to […]

Plastic Waste & the Environment?

Plastic Waste - Titan National

How Does Plastic Waste Harm the Environment? Trash usually ends up washing up on beaches and travels throughout oceans and rivers. It affects physical habitants, affects marine life, transports chemical pollutants, and interrupts human uses of coastal, marine, and river environments. Out of all trash, plastic trash poses the biggest danger to the environment. It […]

Electronic Waste Recycling

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What You Need to Know About Electronic Waste Recycling Electronics have a short lifespan. An average cellphone will function without problems for less than 2 years. Computers and desktops last for 5 to 8 years, and most technicians believe that the average life of a laptop is between 3 to 5 years. According to environmentalists, electronic […]

Dumpster Size Guidelines

Dumpster Size Chart

What size dumpster do I need? How to choose the right size dumpster for your project? There are several factors to consider when renting a dumpster.  The initial most important considerations are the following: What type of material are you throwing away. How much trash do you have (volume)? Where can you place the dumpster […]

Metal Recycling 101

Metal Recycling 101 Metals are versatile and carry certain significance in plenty of real-world applications. They are used in industrial production for manufacturing railways, ships, airplanes, cars, trucks, etc. Apart from this, they are used in crockery, cutlery, and packaging as well. With metal recycling, it is possible to reuse metal continuously without degrading its […]