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Legacy of Success

Jeff Rizzo, the founder of Titan National, has a long career of leadership and growth in the waste management, recycling and trucking industry since 1996, when he joined the Rizzo Environmental Services.  Jeff brought on a team atmosphere.  Jeff’s hands-on approach nurtures an environment of employee engagement focused on quality service and growth.   

Under Jeff’s leadership, Rizzo Environmental grew to service over 65 communities in SE Michigan, providing reliable services to over a million households weekly.  After selling those operations to a larger publicly traded company, he started Titan National. 

Jeff has assembled a new A-team under Titan National, to bring back the kind of service customers can rely on.  

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Jeff has led several businesses to multi-million-dollar sales performance.  Currently, Jeff is growing Titan National from a start-up trucking business into a waste management leader.  Under Jeff’s guidance Titan National acquired two businesses in 2022 and absorbed them into Team Titan’s management. 

“Our goal is to take care of our employees, our equipment, and our customers.”

- Jeff Rizzo

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Tradition of Growth

Jeff manages to get top performance levels from his team members by instilling in them the vision of quality service and growth.  His attention to detail has ensured effective operations that drive lower costs and meet budget targets.

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Customer Focused Operations

Reliable equipment is a core element of the waste management and trucking operations.  We meet our deadlines and avoid rental fees by operating preventative maintenance programs with in-house mechanics.   We know unplanned down-time drives cost and frustrates customers.

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Future Vision

We know that residents and businesses are suffering from poor quality waste management services.  We understand their frustration.  We can solve the issue.  We see an opportunity to once again provide quality services to communities that are struggling to satisfy their constituents needs.  We have the experience and leadership to deliver exceptional service with operational excellence.

"Rizzo was grossly the low bidder and on top of that was able to perform with a 5-star rating."
K. R. Dobson, Housing & Community Development Corporation of Wayne County