Tips for Using a Rental Dumpster in the Winter

Titan National Commercial Dumpster Rental

Though winter isn’t typically the time of year for a renovation project, it’s still a great opportunity to purge your home of any unneeded items. It’s for these cleaning projects that many homeowners decide to purchase a rental dumpster. However, it’s important that you utilize these tips for using a rental dumpster in the winter to get the most out of the process.


Keep the Dumpster Area Clear

No matter where you have your dumpster positioned on your property, chances are it will end up covered in snow by the end of the season. As such, you must keep the area clear if you’re going to use it properly. Unfortunately, the cold metal frame of your rental dumpster makes it an easy spot for snow to sit and ice to develop on. Be sure you’re continuously shoveling after each snowfall to ensure you always have access to the dumpster.


Don’t Forget About Ice

Along with shoveling the area, it’s also important that you salt any pavement where ice is forming. This will help ensure that you can freely use the dumpster without potential injury. It’s recommended that you put down salt after each snowfall to prevent any additional ice formation. In doing so, you’ll still be able to throw large objects away with less risk of slipping as you transport them.


Cover When Not in Use

During the winter months, it’s common for snow to melt in your rental dumpster—increasing its weight as well as your rental fee. In order to combat this, it’s advised that you place a cover or tarp over the dumpster’s opening. This keeps any unwanted items or elements out, while ensuring that anything you place in the dumpster stays there.


Limit Direct Skin Contact with Metal

Because metal dumpsters become cold when sitting out in the winter, you must take extra care when touching them. Brushing them with ungloved hands can absorb some of the vital heat from your body and hasten frostbite’s progression. Be sure to always wear gloves when transporting items to and from your dumpster.


At Titan National, we understand that home improvement doesn’t end when the snow begins to fall. That’s why, in the interest of decluttering homes year-round, we aim to supply you with the best quality dumpster rentals in Detroit, Michigan. With our services on your side, you can tackle any project—no matter the time of year.

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