How to Use a Dumpster in the Winter

How to use a Dumpster in the Winter Using a dumpster in the winter can be challenging, as the cold weather can affect the waste disposal process and create safety hazards. However, by following some tips and precautions, you can use a dumpster effectively and safely in the winter. Here is an essay on how […]

Saving Money with a Dumpster

Saving Money with a Dumpster Dumpsters are essential for any construction or demolition project, as they help dispose of the waste and debris generated by the work. However, dumpsters are not only useful for keeping the job site clean and organized, but also for saving money in the long run. Here are some ways that […]

Dumpsters Improve Worksite Safety

How Dumpsters Improve Worksite Safety Using a dumpster can improve worksite safety by reducing the amount of debris and waste that can cause tripping, slipping, falling, or cutting injuries. However, using a dumpster also requires following some safety precautions. Dumpster safety tips Keep area around dumpster clean to allow sufficient access. Never use your hands […]

Recycling Holiday Packaging

Recycling Holiday Packaging Recycling holiday packaging is a great way to reduce waste and protect the environment during the festive season. Here are some tips on how to recycle different types of packaging materials: Recycling Wrapping Paper Wrapping paper can be recycled if it is not coated with plastic, foil, glitter or other non-paper materials. […]

Tips for Using a Rental Dumpster in the Winter

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Tips for Using a Rental Dumpster in the Winter Though winter isn’t typically the time of year for a renovation project, it’s still a great opportunity to purge your home of any unneeded items. It’s for these cleaning projects that many homeowners decide to purchase a rental dumpster. However, it’s important that you utilize these […]

How to Dispose of Food Waste?

Food Waste - Titan National

How to Dispose of Food Waste? Whether they are dining outside or eating at home, people tend to waste a lot of food. According to the US Department of Agriculture, over one-third of all food goes to waste in the US. Unfortunately, few of us feel responsible for properly disposing of food waste, which is why improper […]

Importance of Solid Waste Management at Community Level

Solid Waste Management - Titan National

Importance of Solid Waste Management at Community Level Solid waste is harmful for our environment. The improper disposal of solid waste results in environmental pollution and adversely affects our health. The chemicals and toxins released from solid waste gradually seep into the soil or enter freshwater bodies like lakes and rivers. Our food is grown […]